Nicole Öhlmann | My Heart is My Home
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Housestyle Design, Web Design
About This Project
My Heart is My Home made it their mission to co-create a heart-based world by helping you to make the shift from living from your mind to living from your heart. They do so by offering retreats, courses, workshops and 1-on-1 Guidance Sessions that help you to go back to your heart and move forward in strength from there.

Inge van Oosterhout from Heart is My Home was looking for a new housestyle, particularly a new logo as well as a new website in English and Dutch. It was important for her that the logo and website would show the spiritual character of the company, without being to dainty. A clean design that showed the essence of her business was the goal. Go and have a look at


  • Logo design
  • Website design and development

“I am working in an industry that some people might see as hazy. Nicole helped me to get to the core of my business and to communicate my services to (potential) clients in a clear and structured way. I love the design of the website as it reflects the essence of what I am doing in a trendy way. Nicole also showed me how I can reach new clients by using blogging and email marketing. Things I haven’t thought of before.”

Inge van Oosterhout,
Owner of My Heart is My Home